Unboxing and assembling, plus installation of the operating system– Part 2

Having placed the components onto the motherboard, it was time to place the motherboard into the case. This was a bit more fiddly then I expected it to be but not as fiddly as connecting up the wiring to the various parts of the motherboard. Then, I had issues with the motherboard failing to power on properly. At first, I thought it was a fault with the motherboard, but it was because I had forgotten to connect one of the cables to the motherboard. After I did that and connected the solid state drives to the motherboard, the system powered up to the system configuration settings which I had to tweak a little bit before I could install Windows 10. After doing this, it was time to install Windows 10. The installation went well, if a little bit slower than what I expected. After the installation of Windows 10 and the software I needed, I’m pleased to report that the system is running just fine.

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